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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 27, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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♪ howard: when you see this newspaper headline, opening the gates of hell, that might be a subtle clue that you're not getting an unbiased report, but that's how the latest decision by elon musk is described in a washington post news story is, with that quote from a harvard instructor who also says apple and google should consider booting twitter off the app store. after posting another twitter poll, musk announced he's granting a general amnesty for most accounts suspended in the past with 7 # % of the 3 million votes cast many favor. look, as with the reinstatement
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of donald trump, these online polls are a cover for what musk wants to do the anyway, and when he says the suspensions will be dropped for accounts, quote, provided they have not to broken the law or engaged in egregious spam, it does raise questions of whether it's a yellow light for people who posted truly -- green light for people who posted truly awful stuff. every single expert quoted is slamming musk, that includes the chairman of the crusading liberal group media matters described only as a nonprofit advocacy group and media watchdog who says twitter will become a one-stop shot for harassment and radicalization. right. elon musk made clear from the start he's a free speech advocate who would end permanent bans in most cases, and most journalists police officered the old rules which -- police officered the old rules --
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preferred the old rules. how about an effort to include a couple of voices who don't think he's taking us all to hell? i'm howard kurtz, and this is "mediabuzz". ♪ ♪ howard: much of the media treat it as huge, breaking news when the supreme court ruled unanimously that donald trump must turn over his tax returns to a house committee controlled by the democrats for a few more weeks. another legal setback for the former president? an appeals panel made clear it will overturn the installation of a special master by a trump-appointed judge in florida which had been slowing down the justice department probe of classified documents. the panel saying judge iowa lean cannon shouldn't have even been involved in the case. >> donald trump had a very bad day in the united states supreme court at the very same hour when he was having a very bad day in a federal appeals court. >> it's significant because he's
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been trying to hide these tax returns for over three and a half years. first modern president to do so is. and the supreme court is having none of it. >> what could possibly be in there that he doesn't want us to see? >> oh, he's a criminal. howard: fox news did not mention the story in prime time but aired news reports on several daytime shows. trump said on truth social of the high court, always rules against him. the supreme court has lost its honor, prestige and standing and has become nothing more than a political body. they are refused to even look at the election hoax of 2020. shame on them. joining us now to analyze the coverage, robbie swoaf say, and in san diego, laura fink, a democratic strategist. robby, is supreme court story as earth shattering a story as many news outlets play it? don't we have a pretty good idea of what's in trump's taxes from
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the years that were leaked to the new york times? >> yeah, absolutely. look, this should continue to play out. but i think anyone who thinks the end of donald trump is going to be some legal thing, some -- now robert mueller's coming to the rescue, remember all that? that's not going to happen. it's only going to happen because the voters reject him. there's nothing special that's going to come in. the supreme court is neutral, though, look at this. they don't do whatever trump wants, contrary to what so many in the media said about how our democracy is over because you have these right-wing judges and they'll be beholden to trump. the counts have shown their independence, and that's something the media got totally wrong in the coverage of all of this. howard: laura, robby set up my question to you because maybe the journalistic significance here is that it was a unanimous ruling against donald trump int3 conservative leaning.
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>> i think that's right, howie. and i think it's also that a we see the oversight power of congress protected. we know that donald trump the was stress testing separation of powers, the power of congress to oversee, and he used delay tactics very successfully which i think is the other lu line here. these delay tactics served to his advantage. and now really based on law and precedent, the original 1924 law that allows congress to receive tax returns and then the 1973 precedent with richard nixon, there really was no legal ground where they could step, so the delay worked for trump. howard: and, laura, your reaction to donald trump sayinging the supreme court is a political body and shame on them? >> well, i'm not shocked that there's gambling in the establishment, i'm not shocks that donald trump is staying on trump social, and i'm not shocked that all of this comes after his announcement for president as he seeks to use his cat candidacy to continue to shield him from legal accountability. howard: i still think trump will
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be back on twitter. robby, you have this three-judge panel in atlanta announcing with a neon sign that it will overturn the appointment of a special master that has slowed down the justice probe. where does that fall on the media richter scale? >> it's something that a deserves coverage. what trump does in this whole procedure, it should be covered. and i think -- howard: should it be covered at 9, 10, 11? >> not every day, not every minute. there's so much going on. i think the media have dialed it back a little bit -- howard: really? >> well, from everything else. because they were promising the end of trump. i think their viewers, mainstream media's viewers, got sick of hearing this is going to be the end of trump, the season finale, that's it. people don't buy that. people know -- look, trump's candidates didn't farewell in this most recent election. democracy, if you're pro-democracy as the media says, you have to let the people make up their own choices. you can't make that decision for
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them. law enforcement is not going to be the way that trump exits the scene. it's up to the voters. howard: well, in one respect the other cable news networks enjoy the ratings they get when hay talk about the trump. if laura, this appeals court panel, two of hem trump appointees, said that the florida judge that trump went to had no business even being involved in the case, but how much are people who don't know a special master from a special counsel, jack smith, following this as opposed to the pundits? >> well, it's definitely not an a1 story especially in light of the tragedies that we saw across our country with gun violence over and over again this week. i think you see it get a little buried. but covering these stories from a media a perspective is incredibly important because there is a longitudinal story here that goes over years. what we see here is donald trump was cloaking himself in executive privilege. now that that's been removed, with we see that he has no many
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legal clothes, and it's his own appointed judges and republican judges appointed by republicans hard saying this. and that's an important story because it does have an effect, and to robby's point, voters can evaluate hose facts as they go to the ballot box. howard: yeah, good point. i just think for a lot of people who are worried about inflation and so forth that all all this legal maneuvering, it may make their eyes glade other -- glaze over or they're just is enjoying thanksgiving weekend. new york times dropping another scoop on thanksgiving the eve showing us we can't even take off a holiday. justice department wants to interview mike pence, and sources say despite his e fusal to talk to the january 6th committee, he's considering it. your take on the way that was framed. >> yeah. i thought that was interesting, although there wasn't actually a lot of few information in there. is so i guess it goes to how much you trust "the new york times" to report fairly and moderately on this.
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i'm not sure i rust their window into mike pence's soul -- [laughter] as much as they claim to. i wouldn't be vised to see that happen -- surprised, but remember, mike pence still has, perhaps, presidential ambitions of his own. howard: oh, not perhaps, i mean, he's going to new hampshire, he's setting up a run. he wants to run. >> how likely that is to have any chance of succeeding, he has to think about further alienating conservative voters and continuing to participate in this really something they want to see. he wants to be an alternative to trump or an alternative to whoever -- howard: yeah. >> he needs to, he didn't just be the hero of the mainstream media, the one republican that media figures can stand or like. that's not going to get him anywhere -- howard: well, i mean, mainstream media like, applaud what mike pence did on january 6th, but at the same time, they don't like the four years of loyal service to president trump. one more before i go to laura. why do you say there wasn't a
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lot of new information? if i didn't know the justice department was -- [inaudible] >> what i mean is that i don't know that hay know what he's going to do. they're acting like he's going to, he would be willing to testify and talk, but they don't know that. they -- that's part of the ratings bonanza you're talking about. they know that's what their viewers want to hear. special guest star mike pence will appear on episode. [laughter] we don't know that's going to happen. howard: he does testify behind closed doors. laura, it seems to me from the story that the pence team cooperated with pence giving an account of what happened on january 6th in his book, and he's making the rounds and is strongly considering, in my view, a presidential run. why wouldn't he want it moan that he's willing to play ball -- known? >> well, obviously, the political considerations, he's sort of, you know, dancing on the edge of two camps here x that's a difficult place to be because we know what happens to people hard in the middle of the road. they tend to get run over. i think other thing to consider
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here is doj. we're about to have a congress that attacks the institution of the department of justice over and over again, and these, this leadership and this through line is something that mike pence is going to have to contend with as a political figure. and it's amazing how much control he has about how much he will participate. again, shielding himself with that cloak of executive privilege. and he's making a distinction between the congressional investigations and the criminal investigations of the doj. but we'll see, it's really, again, stress testing the jurisdiction of the doj and what rights a former vice president has. howard: all right. let's briefly touch on the merrick garland appointing a special counsel, jack smith as i mentioned, to oversee these investigations because trump's a declared candidate. just this morning donald trump was not tweeting, but truthing that this is a political hitman and a trump hater, but most people -- and his record is
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certainly there for criticism. i don't see him as either of those things. >> right. i mean, donald trump, frankly, takes the view that anyone criticizing him even legitimately is some kind of anti-trump -- howard: well, he hasn't criticized him. he's just overseaing the -- overseeing the investigation. >> right. i will say, look, republican voters feel that all of these institutions have become politicized. they don't trust the doj, the fbi, they don't trust the people half handled these things at every -- that have handled those things at every step. there's a lot of concern about why was the hunter biden lapstop story -- laptop story bauer -- buried? you're not a crazy conspiracy theorist to question who these people's loyalties are and whether they're fair and unbiased. howard: let me just say that donald trump and his family members are saying, well, it's totally unfair because jack smith's wife contributed to barack obama and made a film or
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documentary with michelle obama. but, you know, when it was ginni thomas and questions were raised by clarence thomas, i said, you know, spouses have independent careers, and i think will be a double standard. just because you're married to somebody, they may have different views. let me get a break here. when we come back, kevin mccarthy promises payback against the democrats. is there a media double standard? ♪ ♪ felite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ we are the first generation of patients who get to redefine what it means. what should it look like, and what can we be as a community of women? it's still okay to hope. ♪ ♪
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howard: kevin mccarthy made plenty of headlines when in his campaign of become house speaker he said he'd take three democrats off their committees. >> congresswoman omar, we're not going to allow her to be on foreign affairs. >> this would not be up
8:17 am
precedented, what kevin mccarthy is talking about, that was what the democrats did last year to a couple republicans. >> democrats knew that that was a door they were opening when they made that decision against marjorie taylor green and paul go sor. "happening now" in a statement -- howard: anyone who shares my identity and further divide us along racial and ethnic lines. robby, most of the press is portraying this as sure pure payback and handerring to hard -- pandering to hard core republicans. fair or unfair? >> it's a little unfair, to say the least. the republicans were pressed -- ilhan omar has made comments. she apologizedded for them, so she conceded that there was something wrong about saying them. so i think for her that makes particular sense. eric swalwell, obviously, some people have national security concerns about him. adam schiff feels a little more like political bayty -- payback,
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but the bottom line is this door has been opened. i would urge kevin mccarthy to be careful, because next time the democrats are in power, they'll kick more republicans off committees, it ises what it is. howard: not only did the democrats start it, but in the case of ilhan omar, nancy pelosi and democratic party leaders denounced her for use of anti-semitic tropes and forced her to apologize. so both parties have been critical of congresswoman omar. >> well, as it should be. you should denounce your own party when your own party makes mistakes, when your own party says things that don't belong in the public square. and you know that this is political for one reason, marjorie taylor green made anti-semitic the comments. marjorie taylor green, and i think this is underreported, is the fourth large largest fundraiser in the house. kevin mccarthy is walking in the most fragile and weak speaker in a generation because of his narrow majority and
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because of the division in his party between the moderates and the far right. and the power of that far right wing as is represent by green's fundraising prowess. so, of course, he is ready to seat her on committees and even rumored to be thinking about a leadership position for her, but he is going to sort of lash out in vengeance, on a vengeance tour against the democrats. this could not be more obvious. he's not being subtle. howard: let me get back to the coverage, and i have some sound of kevin mccarthy going to the border and making some comments that which we'll see here in a second about the homeland security chief, alejandro mayorkas. >> if secretary mayorkas does not resign, house are republicans will investigate every order, every action and every failure will determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiry.
8:20 am
howard: the media are basically dismissing threat against mayorkass as a stunt. also as another play for conservative support. >> well, look, the house is in republican if hands because they won, they've won -- howard: that's how it works. >> they promised to look into things like the chaos at the border, like questions for dr. fauci about covid handling policies, origins of covid and hunter biden. these are things they ran on -- howard: right. but impeachment? >> i don't know that they quite ran on that, but they should definitely look at the issue at the border. that's something i think the american people want house republicans to take very seriously -- howard: do you think the coverage is being too dismissive of this? because i know that the border's an important story. >> oh, absolutely. this is something we need to talk about. the american people are concerned about what's going on there, and you don't hear enough of that at all from the mainstream media. howard: laura, mayorkas is not going to quit, but doesn't
8:21 am
mccarthy doing it from the border force the president to deal with the absurdity of, oh, the border is secure when we all know it's not? >> i think talking about the border is a legitimate issue. i think holding stunt press concerns, shipping migrants and the other things that you see republican politicians is doing -- doing is illegitimate. kevin mccarthy is the speaker of house, where is what he wants to do? if he wants to build a wall, say it. if he wants to cut off all immigration, say it. these political stunts should be covered as such. when you are the chief legislator in our country now and you refuse to put forth a policy position or say what you would do to change the problem, again, this is chaos and the vengeance tour that voters rejected. he should watch out. howard: well, just a slight correction which is kevin mccarthy is not yet the speaker of the house but very much trying to become the speaker of the house. thank you so much. up next, why did the video
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howard: you might never have heard of sam bankman-fried until his company, ft, and, collapsed in a huge cryptocurrency scam. many ouch the -- much of the media had been lionizing the guy. he was on the cover of "forbes," "the new york times" profeeled the crypto e emperor saying he lives modestly for a billion mare and was a straight-talking brainiac. politico saying he still uses his parents' netflix account and is obsessed with doing the most for humanity by tackling thing elected problems. joining us now from dallas, steve krakauer who writes about this and is the author of "uncovered," out in february.
8:26 am
steve, why were these news organizations so willing to believe that this 30-year-old guy was a heart of gold genius who was willing to give away most of his money percent good of humanity? -- for the good of humanity? >> i'm not even sure they got to the point of really believing it, but they certainly just pretended it all made sense and just moved on. some of these profiles, they went down to the bahamas. it's interesting, why is he in the bahamas? no one seems to ask that question. [laughter] but he just had that free pass because, as you said, he gave to the right causes. he gave tens of millions of dollars to the democratic party. he hit all the right erogenous zone ises of the media, climate change and pandemic prevention and this idea of affected altruism, making as much money as he can but really just to give it all away because that's what's important. no one stops to think what exactly is this? how is he even making this in
8:27 am
they just went and bought on to it. howard: you mentioned the democrats. the stories did mention that he was the second largest donor to joe biden in the last campaign, $10 million, gave $40 million to to again -- democrats in this cycle, but fox said one of the people joe biden should thank for becoming president is a 28-year-old cryptocurrency zealot who sleeps in an office bean bag most nights. why wasn't, why aren't the donations more controversial? >> well, yeah, the donations were really part of the story. in fact, you know, the story was about how he was the second largest donor to joe biden in 2020, but it was really this excitement from the press about what he might do in the next cycle. he was rumored, or he actually said i might give as much as a billion dollars to democrats to defeat donald trump in 2024. that was the story the. those were the headlines from places like nbc news which did another massive profile of him because of the idea that he might be giving away so much money to these democrats. it was all -- and all of these
8:28 am
stories built on each other, right? howard: yeah. >> in 2021 led to 2022, the reputation land orerring just continued and continuing. and as i mow we said is, he ended up up funding some of these organizations which profiled -- howard: that's my next question. imagine if he had been a major where donor to trump instead. some of the money went to the media. explain. >> yes. he ended up giving millions of dollars away to places that let's just say these kind of places that might have an interest in learning a little bit more about what he does, places like the intercept, propublica, project nieman lab and then to places like vox. ben smith and a new media organization that just launched. these places that now what's interesting, you know, except for vox, are doing these in-depth stories on sam bankman-fried, they weren't interested in doing these stories back when he was giving them money, only early this
8:29 am
year. and this is the kind of thing. it's not exactly bribery, it's not exactly like buying them off. but certain eleven when he was an investor and the money seemed like it was coming from legit sources, his reputation actually helped them, then it was hands off. they weren't interested in finding out more information. but as soon as that a money became toxic, as soon as his reputation became bad, then let's go and explore this investor that we have. howard: all right. let me get to this. john ray, who actually was brought in after enron collapsed, now at ftx, says it was a complete and total mess at company and that bankman-fried controlled another company called alameda. the ceo was his then-girlfriend, which made more than $3 billion in loans to bankman freed and $600 million to two with the ftx executives. so the crypto emperor was playing with other people's money, and those people lost billions. >> that's what makes this story the even more of a travesty and
8:30 am
even more responsible for the media now not too late, go and kill into it. this is not bernie madoff taking money from rich people and giving it to other rich people, the ponzi scheme with that, he ran super bowl commercials with larry dade and tom brady and giselle. of this was about taking people's money, billions of dollars, and stealing it and giving it to himself and then losing it. and, of course, not just giving it to himself, but giving it away to places like media organizations and democratic politicians. howard: right. >> this is the story because it's not rich people's money. this is everyday people's money who he stole -- howard: right. we got that go. >> -- and used for his own causes. howard: you did a great job, steve. and by the way, the class action suit names larry david and tom brady. next on "mediabuzz," elon musk punch. ing back at liberal pundits who are denouncing him just for buying twitter and the latest uproar over kanye west. ♪
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howard: as elon musk bans -- excuse me, grants amnesty to most banned accounts, some media liberals are crusade ising against him. an msnbc reporter even urging viewers not to use twitter. >> i just want to stress, people, it's optional. you don't have to go there. there's no place to get news -- i have to go there, but you don't have to. >> this kind of billionaire class is inconsistent with democracy was ea -- as we live it. elon musk is, you know, a sort of adolescent in his 50s. howard: musk tweeting: it is shocking how many journalists viciously attack free speech but somehow think they're the good guys. joining us now, kristen hawn, democratic strategist, and meghan mccain, columnist for the daily meghan, what do you make of some of these media liberals,
8:35 am
billionaires have no right to exist, and this thing will die any minute? >> i haven't been on since 2009, and i think it's a really powerful and useful space. there's no doubt that a lot of people have been shadow banned on the right and people have had their accounts taken away for innocuous things like saying my personal favorite is learn to code which was a criticism of coal minors who had lost their blue collar and hard working jobs. a lot of accounts got banned for things like that. so i think it's interesting when the power switches to the other side. e ron musk made it very clear -- elon musk made it very clear he's an advocate for free speech, and i think they kind of sound like babies, like they're throwing -- throwing a tantrum because the power's shifted. [laughter] howard: musk is also going after the big papers. how tragic how far "the new york times" house fallen. basically just is boring as f, far heft brainwashing and of
8:36 am
"the washington post" and owner jeff bezos, inmates are running the asylum at wash post while jeff parties in his hot tub. does that a go too far? >> i mean, the inmates running the asylum, that's pretty rich coming from elon musk and what he's been doing with twitter. i don't disagree that, you know, they do sound like babies, but "the washington post"? doesn't make sense to me. >> [inaudible] i will say that. howard: well, that is true, and he's trying to get everything done at once. but with musk just announcing based on a twitter poll that he'll restore most of these suspended accounts that haven't engaged in broken laws or e region juice spam, what's been your experience on twitter? >> yeah. what's interesting is, again, i'm a conservative woman on twitter, and i very publicly a few years ago a picture of me crying in, you know, in an emotional way, someone had
8:37 am
doctored a glock gun at my head, and it went viral. like, my husband and my media friends were all asking for it to be taken down and be censored. it did not. and jack dorsey actually ended up calling me and apologizing. so i find it interesting if you tweeted learn to code you're banned immediately, and there's a clearly viability-inducing picture that wouldn't get taken down? i think elon musk needs to be explicit about what is and isn't standards on this web site because it's been very confusing and, again, aye been on since 2009. i would like a very explicit understanding of what it means for people on the left and the right -- howard: despite the apology by twitter founder jack dorsey, you feel like if you were a liberal, -- a gun pointed at your head, that is despicable. >> again, i think anyone having a picture like that should be taken down --
8:38 am
howard: yeah, of course. >> but think there was obviously a double standard for a very long time and who was censored. i mean, the ayatollah khamenei still has a twitter account and a allowed to tweet horrific, disgusting things, and you have random journalists being banned for things -- howard: by the way, there won't be any crying here. >> jenna: [laughter] howard: there was a fake lebron james, a fake jesus christ and others to be verified, with but what about his point that journalists seem to him to be against free speech because they want to suppress what people on the right say? >> i mean, they're not against free speech. europe, the journalists that i work with in d.c. at "the washington post", at the new york times, they're the best at what they do. so i think i have, you know, i have a little bit more respect for your profession, you're asking these questions of the i have yourself. but, you know, with twitter, you know, it's a difficult scenario, right?
8:39 am
you're talking about, yes, we want to make sure that nothing like that ever happens to anybody on twitter, but elon musk is running it in such a way that there are whole teams of people that are leaving that are supposed to be, you know, they're supposed to have that role at twitter. howard: well, let me turn now to we've gotten a huge amount of media coverage, a dinner at mar-a-lago where kanye west came to visit donald trump and brought with him the notorious anti-semite nick fuentes. finish let's play a sound bite of khan -- kanye talking about that dinner and his estranged wife. >> i didn't do it for kim, but he did it for me. but then he goes on to say that kim is a [bleep] you can tell her i said that. and i was thinking, like, that's the mother of my children. howard: so, meghan, trump meets with kanye west, ye, who spent weeks spewing anti-semitic garbage and also dining with
8:40 am
holocaust denier nick fuentes, and he put out three statements saying he didn't know fuentes was coming and he didn't know who he was, which may be true, but not making any kind of statement about the abhorrent views of this man. >> first and foremost, he shouldn't be meeting with kanye west period after the anti-semitic vile he's been saying and betweening and doing for weeks on end. -- tweeting. we've all, unfortunately, had a front row seat to watching this extremely dangerous time -- howard: right, and never back off. >> trump should just say, no, i'm not meeting with kanye west. and then to include one of the most dangerous, notorious white supremacist holocaust deniers and then to have dinner with them, i just don't understand. howie, if you and kristin invited me to dinner and said i'm inviting x person and i don't know who they are and it's a professional dinner, i'm going to find out who they are, and is i'm not running for president of the united states. a lot of people are freaking
8:41 am
out. there's a bunnen of report -- bunch of reports of anonymous people from trumpland that are saying how bad this is. another example of why he's completely unfit to run for president. howard: yes, some of his advisers seem upset. kristin, the can press is saying even if he didn't know about fuentes, he didn't say anything about his views, and most republicans -- chris christie and others who want to run against him -- have been silent. >> he said the guy gets me. i don't understand why you would announce you're running for president and hen invite somebody to dinner like kanye west and not know who else -- howard: trump said he was trying to help him with his business problems. >> okay, fine. he said that a couple days later. it makes no sense to take a meeting, you should know who that is. again, just judgment there is so lacking. howard: very briefly, with the media being highly critical, you think that's deserved? >> i think it's definitely
8:42 am
deserved. howard: interesting, trump put out several statements about this. you know, he doesn't probably do this, but his staff could google and find out more about fuentes. and ironically, fuentes in his own video says he told trump it was his -- he was his hero, but it's time to move on, and he's backing desantis. kari lake trying to cover turn her loss in the arizona governor's race, and cbs takes a victory lap for authenticating hunter biden's laptop three hunter biden's laptop three years later.r. ♪ ♪ thing you can do. and it's covered by medicare. before dexcom g6, i was frustrated. all of that finger-pricking, my a1c was still stuck. (female announcer) dexcom g6 sends your glucose numbers to your phone or receiver without fingersticks, so you can make better decisions in the moment. (earl) my a1c has never been lower. (female announcer) dexcom g6 is the #1 recommended cgm system. call now to get started. (bright music)
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howard: kari lake, the maga republican who lost a close race for arizona governor, is now challenging the outcome and suggesting there was fraud just as she backs donald trump's claims of a rigged election in 2020. >> they said we were crazy. well, it turns out we were right. on election day nearly half of all polling locations had problems. rest assured i have assembled the best and brightest legal team, and we are exploring every avenue to correct the many wrongs that have been done. howard: meghan, you've denounced kari lake, and you've drawn some flak for making it too personal. >> i mean, howie, she made it so personal first. she has attacked my mother, my brother, my dad, me. i mean, things i don't want to repeat on your show because it's so gross. look, i would really love for anyone to to run for office as a republican and not just absolutely crap all over my family, and the way to do it,
8:47 am
they keep losing. my dad is the last republican to win a general election on a national level in arizona, and arizona's gone blue. we have two democrat senators and a democrat governor concern. howard: what's your reaction to her challenge? >> it's so funny because we were talking backstage that that election has been such a referendum on conspiracy theories and people trafficking in conspiracy theories and election denying. it's a whole hearted rejection by republicans and by the republican party, and i think it's a completely losing path for republicans to go forward in the general. howard: look,ly lake is entitled to make a legal challenge, but she told reporters be their worst freaking nightmare, but schoen she lost. the media are fascinated by her x after she visited mar-a-lago, they're talking her up as a possible running mate for donald trump. >> she can go to meet with trump just like kanye did, but the fact of the matter is if you look at the midterms, a lot of these house races even senate races, she's an outlier this time.
8:48 am
people who lost were acknowledging defeat, and it's good. it's a healthy hinge for our democracy. howard: right. >> what she's doing is not healthy for our democracy -- howard: well, she lost by 20,000 votes, so maybe she thinks there's a way to change that. >> sure, but the rhetoric matters, right? we have recounts all the time. you get within a certain number of votes, we're having a runoff in georgia, recounts in california. that's what you do. it's how you talk about it. it's how you, you know, it really undermines our democracy. >> she is, this is a saturday night live sketch where her character was saying if i win, democracy's amazing, and if i lose, the election was stolen. before the election it was something people thought she would do if she ended up losing, so i'm certainly not surprised, and, again, if you have evidence, go ahead and show is us. howard: just the fact that she was paritytied on snl shows what a national figure she's become. cbs news and the hunter biden laptop. let's roll it. >> data from a laptop reported
8:49 am
to belong to biden could be crucial to the investigatory process. we commissioned an independent forensic review to determine its awe then disi think. howard: cbs determines its authenticity, and this is not only two years after "the new york post" said the laptop was real and most of the mainstream copped -- of scoffed, but months after "the new york times" and the washington post said they authenticated the laptop. >> yeah. my employer had the laptop awe innocent9 candidated two and a half years ago -- howard: daily snail. >> the daily mail. i thought this was so strange when i saw clip on twitter. we've authenticated it here at cbs, and as you said, after all of mainstream media we're about to have probably a public investigation -- howard: at the time many mainstream outlets said it was russian disinformation many. that was untrue. the old twitter regime suppressed the story. isn't cbs a little late to the game here? >> i think they're a little late to the game. i also think there is a lot of truth to, you know, the
8:50 am
headlines that elon musk tweeted out saying "the new york times" is wrong and, you know, brain warrenning liberals. i think -- brainwashing liberals, i think that's a little out of -- howard: so you think what about this? that cbs shouldn't be patting itself on the back? >> i mean, i think that -- i don't, it's a little embarrassing that they're patting themselves on the back. howard: agree with that. >> i think "the wall street journal" and everybody else authenticated -- >> i mean, no offense to cbs, but again, it's years after. howard: right. >> it's wildly across the board accepted as truth. again, you'd have to be conspiracy theorist to not think the laptop is real, and the real question is why was their such hesitance to cover during the election? howard: still to come, bob iger's back, and the hero who emerged from the coloradohe spring cs tragedy. ♪ helping them achieve financial freedom. we're providing greater access to investing, with low-cost options to help maximize savings.
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howard: time to race the clock on the buzz meter. go. the associate ised press has fired a correspondent who erroneously reported that a russian missile killed those two polish citizens, a story that enflamed tensions in the region. james la por that relied on one unnamed military intelligence official violating the wire service's two source rule and the report had to be retract thed. the ap told the daily beast it encourses rigorous standards. -- encompasses. a dangerous mistake. the mass shooting at the gayouge crime, but we still don't know the motive. it was the an absolute tragedy. it produced a hero, richard fiero, a 15-year army veteranses who are tackled and disarmed the gunman and is was raw and candid many speaking to anchors and
8:55 am
reporters. >> my daughter and wife that have never experienced combat colorado springs, and everybody in that building experienced combat that night. and then i started whaling on this dude. i'm a big dude, man, and this guy was bigger, and i just kept whaling on him, and i told the kid in front of me, kick him in the head. i'm not a political guy. i was an officer in the army, and i was trained to be unbias9 and serve any that's in front of me. howard: not only risked his own life, but emerged with a unifying message. big bombshell at disney where the board ousted ceo bob chapek and brought back longtime chief bob iger. one change, chapek initially criticized florida's don't say gay law, but iger said the law just seemed wrong and maybe tangling with the governor.
8:56 am
cnn chairman chris electric is disputing the notion he wants his network to be bland. one of the biggest misconceptions that a i want to be centrist. you have to be compelling, you have to have an edge, in many cases you have to have a left. in my view, the word centrist isn't exactly insulting. he's probably trying to reassure his troops that cnn won't be boring. reporters are angry about being blocked from covering the wedding of president biden's granddaughter naomi, and the new york times' maggie haberman is accusing the white house of lying. karine jean-pierre insisted it was to rerespect the occupy -- couple's desire for privacy until they media -- made a deal with vogue for exclusive pictures. well, that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz." i'm howard kurtz. hope you're having a great
8:57 am
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arthel: we begin with a fox news alert. stunning scenes of defiance in china. raging for a third straight day. frustrated and outraged citizens taking to the streets in cities across china blasting the government zero covid policy. the situation reaching a boiling point after many lame lockdowns for slowing rescue efforts in a deadly high-rise fire. hello and welcome.